Dean's Permalinks WordPress PlugIn

Until last night, my WordPress permalinks were nothing more than the default of a URL variable containing the number of the post ( i.e. I’ve been wanting to change to a more descriptive and search engine friendly URL but this would require a boatload of work.

I ran into Dean’s Permalink Migration Plugin a while back which claimed to do all of the work for me. It looked promising and there were a lot of positive comments, but I had no luck changing my links.

Recently, I upgraded my WordPress installation and decided to give it another shot. I’m very happy I did! This time around the migration went flawlessly and took a total of 3 minutes.

All that’s required is to install the plug-in (copy it into your plugins folder), activate it, and follow Dean’s instructions:

1. goto admin panel->options->PermalinksMigration and set the old permanlink structure.
2. goto admin panel->options->Permalinks and change the permalink structure to what you want.

That’s it! It really was that easy.

The plugin will even generate a 301 Redirect when user or spider visits your site using the old permalinks, and redirect them to the new permalinks of the same post. This means you lose none of the traffic from your existing search engine entries.