Is it possible to pass a structure to ColdFusion using Flash AS3 / Remoting

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UPDATE: This problem has been solved. The solution is after the post.

I’ve posted on a few forums now with no results so I’m resorting to my own blog. What I’m trying to do is pass a structure to a ColdFusion component from Flash. I’ve tried using Array, Object, and Dictionary types but it keeps failing with this error:

“Unknown object type tag (17)”

The error seems to be returned before the method is even reached suggesting that the cfc is rejecting the Remoting request altogether. I know the code is sound because I can change the structure to a string and get results back. I’ve also tried the Flash.Params method.

I’ve done a fair amount of research already, including studying Adobe livedocs which insists that it’s possible to do.

Here is my code:

loadData_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, loadData)

var myService = new NetConnection()

function loadData(evt:MouseEvent){
    var responder = new Responder(getTest_Result, onFault);
/* I've tried everything here including defining it as an Object and Dictionary. I also tried
defining it using dot notation and sending it as an object like so: {mystring:"hello"} */
	var mystruct:Array = new Array();
	mystruct["mystring"] = "hello";"com.mycomponent.test", responder, mystruct);

function getTest_Result(result){
    trace("success: "+ result);

function onFault( f){
	trace("There was a problem: " + f.description);

…and here’s my component function (I’ve tried with an argument type of ‘struct’ as well as ‘any’):


Thanks in advance for any help!


SOLUTION: After many hours of Googling, and much trial and error, I figured out how to make this work…and it’s a one line solution. Simply add myService.objectEncoding=0 before the myService.connect line at the top. It has to do with the way objects are serialized using AMF.

How to Setup AS2 Remoting With Flash CS3

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Boy, was this a bitch! I can’t take credit for this solution because I found it in a reply to a Adobe forum post (thank you jedders). I just wanted to re-produce it here a) As just another place to find it, b) So I know where the solution is when I’m looking for it again, and c) Because jedders’s post missed a couple of files and I wanted a complete reference.

Why Adobe left the AS2 Remoting files out of the CS3 installation is beyond me. I work with a countless number of files that utilize AS2 remoting. I don’t have the time to convert them all to AS3 and I think it’s silly to keep Flash 8 on my machine simply because I have to compile files that utilize remoting.

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