Using Spry to Auto-select a Form Value

So far I’ve covered how to use multi-related selects in Spry and how to dynamically update the select list upon a database update. That’s good enough for a simple ‘add record’ form but when it comes to an editing an existing record I want to be able to have the saved column’s value automatically selected in its select box.

Adobe’s samples didn’t seem to cover this scenario so it became a matter of trial and error, and a lot of wading through documentation. In the end, however, it turned out to be a matter of changing only a few lines of code.
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Updating a Spry Dataset from a Popup

Last week I posted a method of using multi-related selects with Spry and ColdFusion. In my example I updated a subbrands dataset when a brand select was updated. I implemented a similar process at work and decided that it would be nice to offer the option of adding new subbrands from the data entry form. To do so, I placed an ‘add’ button next to the subbrands select which opens a popup where the user can add a new subbrand. Then came the question, how do I update the dataset on the parent window once the new subbrand is added.

It actually ended up being quite easy.
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