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Being a Flex developer who really loves his work, it still pisses me off that Adobe essentially buried Flash alive last year. That being said, when you make a living coding you have to keep up with the times. Enter AngularJS, Google’s js solution for building your own application framework. Extensible, dynamic, and pretty damned slick.

I haven’t hit the blog in a while so I figured I’d post some of my learning experience. ‘Hello Whatever’ is usually the first step in the learning experience, however the AngularJS team has a good example of this on their site. I’ll take it a quarter-step further in the hopes of providing something a little more unique.

I created a simple AngularJS app that will add two numbers together as they are changed. This demonstrates AngularJS’s binding between the form and the model. The AngularJS ‘Hello World’ example is actually included in the form of ‘Your opinion of angular’:

[iajsfiddle fiddle=”nDGTE” height=”300px” width=”100%” show=”result,js,html,css” skin=”default”]

Much of the magic is done with the ng-model directive which binds the view to the model using scope variables.

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3 thoughts on “Hello AngularJS

  1. Those code snippets in Plnkr don’t show up at all on smartphones (tested on HTC Desire) and that makes your posts impossible to read on mobile. Can you please place raw code next to Plnkr?

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I noticed myself that the source code wasn’t viewable on the iPad either, in Appliness anyway. I’m going to try to convert to Fiddles or Pens when I get a chance. Hopefully they won’t have the same issues. -Glenn

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