RabidGadfly Seeking Full Time Work in Massachusetts

I was notified on Friday that the entire web development team at my company, Pongo Resume, will be laid off at the end of this month. I’ve been a full-time web developer for 8 years. The majority of my time at Pongo was spent building their next-generation Resume Builder in Flex 4.5 as well as maintaining their legacy Resume Builder in Flash (AS2). I also spent a significant amount of time in ColdFusion 9 rewriting their billing process.

Before working at Pongo, I worked for 13 years at Hasbro where a significant amount of my time was spent building out their media portals using ColdFusion and Flash. The portals allowed viewing of videos, playing games, and reading online comic books. I also spent a good deal of time working with my friend and fellow blogger Dan Gaspar creating a ColdFusion/Model Glue API which provided access to our data to facilitate both internal and external development.

While my main focus has been within the Adobe stack; Flash, Flex, and ColdFusion, I also have experience in PHP, JQuery, JavaScript, and several other web technologies. I have worked with frameworks and I’m familiar with MVC concepts.

If you know of anyone in the Massachusetts or Rhode Island area that is looking for a developer please contact me or feel free to pass along my information. In addition to myself, there will be three other hard-working developers looking for work.

Thanks much!
Glenn Gervais

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3 thoughts on “RabidGadfly Seeking Full Time Work in Massachusetts

  1. Sorry to hear about your misfortune, however I would think of it as a turning point in your career and the chance to move on away from AS2. Good luck in your job search my friend.

    “Always keep your eye on the Golden VM…Yis, yis…”

  2. You shouldn’t have a problem finding work. There is a shortage of intelligent people with IT skills. An ample supply of unskilled people consist of the 9%.

    The irony, you should be able to build a really good resume.

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