Swiz ‘Could not get a reference to class’ Gotcha

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I’ve been implementing Swiz framework in my most recent Flex project. It’s worked great so far, but this one error sidetracked me for an hour or so:

"Could not get a reference to class for YourEvent.YOUR_EVENT_TYPE. Did you specify its package in SwizConfig::eventPackages?"

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ColdFusion Mappings and Hibernate

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Here’s a quick tip on an issue that set me back a couple of hours. ORM stands for Object/Relational Mapping, an object-based method of reducing the amount of code required to communicate with a database. Hibernate is an ORM Framework included in ColdFusion 9.

I’m new to ORM so I started out by creating a simple project with all components contained under the same application. It was a small struggle to get past the new terminology and occasional mistakes and/or omissions in the online documentation, but a few hours and several expletives later, I was up and running.

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