AS3 Event Generator Extension

Lee Brimelow, master of Flash tutorials (see, has released a free AS3 Event Generator extension for Flash CS3. The extension adds an ‘Event Generator’ option under your Window > Other Panels menu. Once installed you simply select a named movie clip, select the event functionality you require for your application, click the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button, then paste the code wherever you want it. The Event Generator code adds event listeners for the selected movie clip and creates supporting function skeletons.

Check it out!
Brimelow's Event Generator


AS3 Simple Color Code Converter

I just finished writing my first AS3 application. Part of its functionality allowed a color code to be passed in as a variable. The problem I ran into was that the color code was being passed by web developers. Instead of “0xFFCC00” they would pass “#FFCC00”. Understandable mistake, but garbage to Flash, so the custom color would never be applied.

Rather than require the RGB code to be passed in, I wrote a short function to check for the HTML Hex format and convert it if necessary. It uses a regular expression to delete any occurrence of ‘#’ and it adds “0x” to the beginning of the color code if it doesn’t already exist.

To see how it works, paste the following code into a blank Flash document and preview it:

//Create a text field and populate it
var myTextField:TextField = new TextField();
myTextField.text = "Hello World";

//Convert incorrectly formatted color string
var passedColor:String = "#FFCC00";
var newColor:String = fixColorCode(passedColor);
trace(newColor); //0xFFCC00 will be returned

//change color
var newFormat:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
newFormat.color = newColor;

function fixColorCode($color:String) :String
   var submittedColor:String = $color;
   var validColor:String;
   var pattern:RegExp = /#/;

   submittedColor = $color.replace(pattern,"");

   pattern = /0x/;
   if (submittedColor.substring(0,2) != "0x") {
      validColor = "0x"+submittedColor;
   } else {
      validColor = submittedColor;

   return validColor;