ColdFusion Dynamic Argument Naming in Method Calls

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I created a custom tag recently that required a method argument name be passed as an attribute. While I’m familiar with the usual techniques of using dynamic variable names, they didn’t work in this situation.

Here’s what I was attempting to do:

Main Page

Custom Tag

The idValue wasn’t an issue but the idColumn wouldn’t work. I tried Evaluate and “#attributes.idColumn#” and a few other similar methods to no avail. Finally, I remembered that you can pass a structure as an argument collection. So I ended up creating a new structure and passing it like this:

And that finally worked.

If there’s another solution out there, please enlighten me.


Run Multiple Versions of Firefox on OSX

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John Resig, creator and lead developer of the jQuery JavaScript library, wrote a nice post describing how to run multiple versions of Firefox on OSX without one stepping on the other. Worked like a charm for me so I thought I’d share: