GoDaddy Still Sucks

This is why you will NEVER find Godaddy on my cheap hosting list.

Unfortunately, I chose to use GoDaddy as a hosting provider for a ColdFusion site that I developed. The client was a local support group that didn’t have a lot of money. Since the site didn’t expect much traffic and GoDaddy’s price seemed reasonable I figured I’d take a chance. The site went up without difficulty and everyone was happy.

Shortly after launch, the site owner asked for a forum. No problem I said, figuring I’d just use Ray Camden’s ColdFusion-based open source Galleon Forum. Here’s where the trouble started. You see, Godaddy cripples scripting languages. Of course, they don’t tell you this up front. You have to either know it going in, or scrape their Knowledge Base beforehand, otherwise you’re screwed.

I ended spending countless hours making a slew of modifications to Rick Root’s CFMBB, after which time I wrote an angry post stating how I felt about GoDaddy.

Recently, I was contacted by the same group with a new request for survey functionality. Since the forum episode, I’ve learned to research whether hosting providers cripple tags before signing up with them. I also learned that the good hosting providers will lift the ban on request, so I called Godaddy to ask that createObject be taken off the black list for my site.

Granted, the 90 year-old woman that answered the call was pleasant enough. I explained to her that I’d like to have the createObject function enabled for my site. Although it’s likely that she could have told me some very interesting stories about World War II, it was immediately obvious that she had no clue what ColdFusion was or what in the world I was asking. After explaining what I needed a second time, presumably so she could write it down on a piece of paper which she could hand to someone else, I was placed on hold.

Seven or eight minutes later the inevitable answer was relayed. She explained to me that that function was disabled BUT I could use custom tags if I wanted. Uh ok, custom tags. Gee thanks, custom tags are great and all but what I asked for was createObject! Sorry, no can do. I argued the point for a while but it was like trying to talk about the newest innovations in aerospace with a caveman.

So, I’m now left to either convince my client to move off GoDaddy or to write the system myself.

Before you jump all over me about sucking it up and writing my own code I want to point out that this is charity work on top of my regular job and my freelance work. I was hoping to find a solution that I could drop in quickly and move on.

I also realize that I can use cfinvoke for ColdFusion objects, however, Soundings also uses Java objects, so I’m screwed there too.

I was totally prepared to write a glowing review of Godaddy retracting my previous statement regarding their shortcomings. I was actually hoping to write that post. Instead I’m left to restate what I thought all along:

Godaddy SUCKS!


22 thoughts on “GoDaddy Still Sucks

  1. I second that. I also help a non-profit. They paid for two years with godaddy. I ended hosting them with some else which I pay for out my pocket. It costs me less to pay the $20 a month than to spend the time messing with godaddy.

  2. I have run into this problem on countless budget hosts. To keep themselves budget they provide unskilled support and multiple restrictions to scripting languages to prevent bad coders from killing their servers…by doing this they can provide service at the lowest cost, but this is just an upfront cost, which ends up getting destroyed by the costs on the backend to make things work properly.

    I haven’t used them in a while, but Nexpoint used to host CF with a small amount of restriction and some knowledgeable support and were low cost, but this was several years ago.

    I now avoid “budget” hosting like the plague if I plan on doing anything in CF, its just not worth it. I know you have a site already built and can’t really migrate them, but most of my “charity” sites I do, I end up putting them on PHP/Drupal since there are better budget hosts with less restriction to PHP.

    Oh, and as for goDaddy, I will never use them as a host…ever, too many friends and blogs have had horror stories about their hosting experience with them.

  3. Enough of Godaddy. Every other day I heard a bad story about Godaddy CF Hosting. They do offer ColdFusion but I don’t think that anybody there in support team know what is ColdFusion all about but i was lucky to find . They offer good deals on CF hosting and the best part is that they know what they are doing. I host a couple of personal sites (no business sites because they are too cheap. For business sites I am with CT) with them and I have been too happy. No downtime, fast servers and prices are too good. The best part is they have very few restricted tags and functions. So it is a win-win situation. BUDGET CF HOSTING = HOSTING A TO Z 😀

  4. still sucks in 2008, They sent me several emails stating that I would be charged renewal fees for a premium email service that I never ordered. I got 100 free email accounts with my inital hosting. I was told by their techs that I would have to login to my account and delete the items. Of course I said that I never order them and I better not be charge for them. Anyway long story short, the only way to keep from being charged was to delete my paypal account that was associated with my godaddy account. When I did this, it also deleted all items associated with the account to include my prepaid website hosting and url which took my website and all emails offline. Godaddy then stated they only was to fix that was to repurchase my hosting plan and reset up the website, how convienient. All this because they were trying fraudulently bill me for an item I never ordered in the first place. I am now in the process of transfering my domain, but guess what, godaddy deleted that too and reprocessed the url with restrictions.

  5. godaddy tends to have a reputation in the industry for questionable business practices (such as charging for services not ordered, ad-sense revenue for parked pages, immediately registering and selling to re-sellers any domain search terms…etc.). if you are hosting a business or any website that requires consistent uptime, you will notice those sites are not hosted at the daddy. there is a reason why they are so cheap. in addition, i have previously hosted with godaddy and can tell you i have experienced slow load times (my belief is that they overload their servers with customers) and numerous downtime issues. a hosting provider for gramma’s pics of her cat? sure. for any business or revenue generating website? NEVER.

  6. Is anyone familier with the Wild West Domains, Inc. company and why they would be affiliated with GODADDY? I’m trying to reclaim a domain name from GODADDY but it appears this WILD WEST has the domain locked down and the domain can not be renewed, transfered, etc. Any ideas?

  7. @David: Although I’ve never run into a domain issue like that I imagine it’s very frustrating. Good luck in getting that sorted out.

    As far as CF Hosting goes, while far less hosts offer ColdFusion than other scripting server environments, it’s definitely more than a handful. CF8 offers many improvements for the developer but also to the potential web hosting company. So, hopefully we’ll see it start being offered in more places and for less money.

    Godaddy has not been fine in the past. Their functional limitations are not limited to ColdFusion. The final nail in the coffin for me was when I tried to implement a PHP solution but couldn’t because key PHP functionality was disabled. I’m guessing they do the same to other scripting languages as well.

  8. They extorted $199 from me after I was falsely accused of spamming and there numerous others who have had the same experience.

  9. I’ve been with Go Daddy since September 2006 honestly have no complaint until now one domain created specially for blogging snagged claiming it was parked and is now covered in Russian advertisement. Website Tonight accounts where you build your own site I have 10 domains there which for the past few days I cannot access. Web Hosting accounts similar situation here approximately 10 sites I am unable to access these sites as well. Except to go around and look at my domain I am powerless to do anything about and when Support is notified they apparently require more information to be able to assist??? I will be moving I’ve taken all I can take it is just so unfortunate that I have become so heavily entrenched utilizing the many services that Go Daddy has to offer. This is their one and only one redeeming quality that for the little guy and those just starting out prices, products, and features are available well within the reach of everyone. However, it is as though once you have been a customer for some time you are only AS IMPORTANT AS THE LAST DOLLAR THAT YOU SPENT. Godaddy is known for inexpensive domains do yourself a favor BUY FROM NAME CHEAP they are the same price. In my opinion GoDaddy has begun believing its own press and it is now a time to take them down a few notches. Look a little longer and you will find as good a deal somewhere else where your business is truly appreciated further than just on letterhead.

  10. please watch out for go daddy. when you go to their site and fish for a domain name and don’t register it they will take it!!!! So watch out!!! They want you to pay a lot of money to get your domain name. it happen to me. I had a real unique name and i just wanted to see if it was free and the next thing you know it was taken. I have done this several times. Every time it happens.

  11. Godaddy sucks!

    It’s support team sucks even more! they basically don’t do anything, what ever you say about problems they say that’s your ISP problem!!

  12. godaddy sucks soundly and hard. it would probably be helpful to detail more but right now i am worn out tjust rying to deal with those jerks. this has been a long and expensive process, now i need to rest up and start over with a new provider. can anyone recommend a hosting service with good e-business apps?

  13. Avoid Godaddy like the plague. I’m trying to transfer a domain from their sister company, Wild West Domains, and it’s a nightmare. A simple transfer–imagine.

  14. they took my domain name in a blink of an eye!!!! BEWARE!!!! Never search names in their website…if you do, be ready to buy it on the spot (be signed on and all). Trust me, they will take your domain name (which you thought about for months) and switch it to “premium” in less than a minute.

  15. Yup, they suck. I can’t even get a fricking cron job that just does a mysqldump command to work. Their mysql install is hosed and they won’t admit it. I just sent them an email not 20 minutes ago telling their tech support that their answer to my problem is not acceptable. They wanted me to use the control panel to do backups. I don’t want to use their damn control panel to do backups every damn day at 3:00am. F**k godaddy.

  16. Godaddy indeed sucks. You can’t run the most simple of scripting code on their server, because they lock down so many of the commonly used functions. They require you to use Godaddy built functions that never work. No toll free number to call support. And why call when they are clueless. Want to run OSCommerce, you can install, but it doesn’t work. What about a bulletin board like PHPBB, doesn’t work. Many more reasons Godaddy sucks.

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