GoDaddy Still Sucks

This is why you will NEVER find Godaddy on my cheap hosting list.

Unfortunately, I chose to use GoDaddy as a hosting provider for a ColdFusion site that I developed. The client was a local support group that didn’t have a lot of money. Since the site didn’t expect much traffic and GoDaddy’s price seemed reasonable I figured I’d take a chance. The site went up without difficulty and everyone was happy.

Shortly after launch, the site owner asked for a forum. No problem I said, figuring I’d just use Ray Camden’s ColdFusion-based open source Galleon Forum. Here’s where the trouble started. You see, Godaddy cripples scripting languages. Of course, they don’t tell you this up front. You have to either know it going in, or scrape their Knowledge Base beforehand, otherwise you’re screwed.

I ended spending countless hours making a slew of modifications to Rick Root’s CFMBB, after which time I wrote an angry post stating how I felt about GoDaddy.

Recently, I was contacted by the same group with a new request for survey functionality. Since the forum episode, I’ve learned to research whether hosting providers cripple tags before signing up with them. I also learned that the good hosting providers will lift the ban on request, so I called Godaddy to ask that createObject be taken off the black list for my site.

Granted, the 90 year-old woman that answered the call was pleasant enough. I explained to her that I’d like to have the createObject function enabled for my site. Although it’s likely that she could have told me some very interesting stories about World War II, it was immediately obvious that she had no clue what ColdFusion was or what in the world I was asking. After explaining what I needed a second time, presumably so she could write it down on a piece of paper which she could hand to someone else, I was placed on hold.

Seven or eight minutes later the inevitable answer was relayed. She explained to me that that function was disabled BUT I could use custom tags if I wanted. Uh ok, custom tags. Gee thanks, custom tags are great and all but what I asked for was createObject! Sorry, no can do. I argued the point for a while but it was like trying to talk about the newest innovations in aerospace with a caveman.

So, I’m now left to either convince my client to move off GoDaddy or to write the system myself.

Before you jump all over me about sucking it up and writing my own code I want to point out that this is charity work on top of my regular job and my freelance work. I was hoping to find a solution that I could drop in quickly and move on.

I also realize that I can use cfinvoke for ColdFusion objects, however, Soundings also uses Java objects, so I’m screwed there too.

I was totally prepared to write a glowing review of Godaddy retracting my previous statement regarding their shortcomings. I was actually hoping to write that post. Instead I’m left to restate what I thought all along:

Godaddy SUCKS!


How to Setup AS2 Remoting With Flash CS3

Boy, was this a bitch! I can’t take credit for this solution because I found it in a reply to a Adobe forum post (thank you jedders). I just wanted to re-produce it here a) As just another place to find it, b) So I know where the solution is when I’m looking for it again, and c) Because jedders’s post missed a couple of files and I wanted a complete reference.

Why Adobe left the AS2 Remoting files out of the CS3 installation is beyond me. I work with a countless number of files that utilize AS2 remoting. I don’t have the time to convert them all to AS3 and I think it’s silly to keep Flash 8 on my machine simply because I have to compile files that utilize remoting.

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