10 ColdFusion Hosts Under $10/month, September 2007

I’d like to start off by thanking everyone who commented on my first ColdFusion Host Post. Comments from those with host experience is extremely helpful when considering whether or not to take a chance with some of the lower-priced hosting providers.

Since I wrote my first CF Host post, I signed up for an account with HostFolio. So far they have been fantastic. I have spoken personally with support and they were very accommodating and helpful which gave me a nice feeling right from the start. Then, to reinforce my positive experience even further, they upgraded to CF 8 in August. Performance has not been an issue and the one time there was downtime it was for scheduled maintenance which I was notified of well in advance. In addition, the only tags that HostFolio disables are CFREGISTER and CFEXECUTE. I can’t speak personally for any of the other hosts on this list but I will give HostFolio a big thumbs up.

Removed from the list are IX Web Hosting and Host Department. If they choose to upgrade from CF5/6.1 they may make it back on the list but for now, being that far behind is simply unacceptable.

Added, thanks to user comments, are two new hosts: Canwebhost.com and HostNexus. Canwebhost offers an $8/month plan. At 50mb disk space and 2G Bandwidth I wouldn’t call the plan robust, but at least they’re offering CF7. HostNexus offers a 300M/10G plan for $9.95/month.

Hosting-ColdFusion just misses the list because of an extra $2/month charge for a real database.

So, here they are for September ’07:


16 thoughts on “10 ColdFusion Hosts Under $10/month, September 2007

  1. I found Xtreme Host to be the best one from this and your previous list. The cost is $6.99 for 1gb of disk and 7gb of transfer on Windows. What I liked best was the fact that I can have both MySQL and SQL Server and I am not limited by the amount of space either database takes or the number of databases I can create. The only drawback is that they don’t have CF8 yet. Thanks for assembling this list.

  2. Nope, Xtreme-Host is not and should not be relied on.
    I actually host through them or should I say “him”…
    It’s a one man show. His name is Dan and for about 2 months I and everyone else who hosts with “him” could not do anything with our sites.
    It was horrible..
    links for reviews:

    Once my year is up, I’m taking my money elsewhere..
    It was the most horrible experience I’ve ever had with a host.


  4. @Peter
    Thanks for taking some time off the film-making schedule to read my blog. Personally, I can’t stand Godaddy for shared ColdFusion hosting because they cripple it to a point that makes it nearly impossible to build a real-world site. But I do admit they’re a cheap way to host mostly-static sites. As far as XTremeHost goes, you aren’t the first to bring up their shortcomings. BTW, the caps-lock button is the one below TAB and above SHIFT. 😉

    Thanks to the replies I’ve received to this post and my last post, I’m going to begin sorting hosts by feedback and history instead of alphabetically. Your comments are appreciated and they really go far in helping others choose reasonably priced, reliable hosts.

  5. Yep! I would love to see the list according to feedback, server feature and prices instead of alphabetical list. That would be more useful 🙂


  6. XtremeHost chaned hands to World Pro Web in Oct/Nov 2007. I had notification of the change until it had been done. I paid for a one year website hosting service in October, and 2 days later, my website and Mr. Dan was gone, along with my money!!!! Thief! Cheat! Being a non profit organization and dependant on donations, it cost us ALOT to recover. Poor decisions and absolutely no customer service. World Pro Web never called back, and all the emails came back as undeliverable! Go figure…..we have since gone to a new hosting company, and are happy. I think we need to sue them and get our money back, plus interest and recovery fees!! We can do it! XtremeHost/World Pro Web will need to be out of business and dependant on others for a job, and NOT running their own company.

  7. Good list. Thanks.
    Just a piece of information: I have a friend’s band website on hostingfuse (band = little money). He just came to me and told me that Hostingfuse discontinues their hosting by the end of September. While up to that point, it was a decent host for such a small site and limited traffic, I find it unacceptable that a hosting provider gives 3 weeks notice that they are not providing the service anymore.
    Looking through the net I think, I’ll recommend hostingatoz.com to him now.

  8. Back on Feb 13 2008 I posted a comment in this blog about Global Internet Solutions (GISOL). Unfortunately, I went with their services and now regret it. I’m currently in a financial dispute with them (gisol.com) Warning to all CF developers, never host with this company, they are crooks!

  9. Just wondering if you were still hosting with hostfolio? I was thinking of using them, and it would be nice to have some assurance of their service.

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