10 ColdFusion Hosts Under $10/month, September 2007

I’d like to start off by thanking everyone who commented on my first ColdFusion Host Post. Comments from those with host experience is extremely helpful when considering whether or not to take a chance with some of the lower-priced hosting providers.

Since I wrote my first CF Host post, I signed up for an account with HostFolio. So far they have been fantastic. I have spoken personally with support and they were very accommodating and helpful which gave me a nice feeling right from the start. Then, to reinforce my positive experience even further, they upgraded to CF 8 in August. Performance has not been an issue and the one time there was downtime it was for scheduled maintenance which I was notified of well in advance. In addition, the only tags that HostFolio disables are CFREGISTER and CFEXECUTE. I can’t speak personally for any of the other hosts on this list but I will give HostFolio a big thumbs up.

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Give your Flash Movie Clip Buttons some Class, Part 1

Flash buttons are useful and quick to implement but they’re also very limited. More often than not I found myself making a movie clip to use as a button rather than using Flash’s button symbol. One of the main reasons is that a button doesn’t have a “selected” or “disabled” frame.

For example, let’s say I want to use a series of buttons as a navigational menu with each button taking me to a different section of the application. When the user clicks a button I can navigate to the appropriate frame in my app but there’s no easy, canned way to then make that button stand out from the rest of the buttons to indicate that it’s now the “selected” button.

Or, say my buttons reflect a menu of category options but certain options aren’t available for all categories. In this case, I’d want to gray out, or “disable” that button.

In both cases I need to use a movie clip as my button. But coding the Movie Clip to act as a button can be time-consuming. First I have to code my onRollOver, then onRollOut then OnRelease. I also have to keep track of which one is selected. It really became a burden that I was sick of dealing with.

I created a simple class takes care of a lot of the grunt work associated with making your own movie clip buttons.

Here’s a demonstration:

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