SWFFix Alpha Available for Download

The SWFFix alpha is now available for download. I really thought that this project had been kicked to the curb because the site had been neglected since February 6th, the day it was introduced.

For those who don’t already know, “SWFFix is a project by Geoff Stearns [swfObject] and Bobby van der Sluis [UFO] with the goal to create the ultimate JavaScript library for embedding Flash content.”

Here’s a look at the code from their sample index.html page:

		SWFFix sample page

Alternative content

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This is an early release of SWFFix for testing purposes only. The dreaded Active Content warning will appear in IE6+ and the “Click to Activate” box will also appear in IE6+ and Opera 9+.

According to the docs:

The SWFFix JavaScript library will attempt to solve these issues. You can best see it [as] an add-on, which primary goals are to fix issues of using standards compliant markup and to add functionality to improve the user experience.

You can download SWFFix and documentation from their Google Code page.