10 ColdFusion Hosts Under $10/month

From time to time (usually when I’m setting up a new client), I scour the web for new hosting providers offering ColdFusion hosting at a reasonable price. This is usually a frustrating experience because so many providers offer other scripting solutions at well under $10 a month but once you add ColdFusion, the price skyrockets to $20 a month or more.

That isn’t to say that hosts like HostMySite aren’t worth the money. HostMySite is a fantastic option for clients who don’t mind spending a little more every month for a proven record of service, support, and uptime.

In my experience as a developer, however, I find that many clients can be…”frugal”. Some see hosting prices and want to know why their quote for hosting is so much higher than other prices they’ve seen online. Or they simply don’t need the level of service and performance provided by a HostMySite or CrystalTech. It’s those clients that I compiled this list for.
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Make Your Own Cross-Fading Slideshow

UPDATE: This post demonstrates how to build a cross-fading slide show with embedded images. Since it was written I’ve posted another cross-fade sample that utilizes XML. If you’d rather see that one, click here.

Ever wonder how to get that way-cool cross fading effect in your slide shows? Me too! So I sat down the other day and started toying around with the Tween class and a short time later I arrived at the solution below.

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