Dot Notation Tagging with

I’ve been using for almost a year now and I think it’s great. The only problem I had was that I wound up with too many vague tags that were used only once or twice. It was great that I had these links saved but the lack of organization made any one particular link virtually impossible to find.

Bundles, a way of grouping similar tags, helped to better organize my one-offs into specific categories but it still became a time-consuming affair to continually try to discern which tags belonged in which bundle. Then one day as I was taking a diversion from my ActionScript to check out the popular tags on I started wondering what would happen if I used a kind of dot notation when tagging.

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Easy Movie Clip Buttons Part 3 of 3: Defining Button States

In Part 1 I demonstrated how to dynamically populate existing movie clip buttons. in Part 2 I showed you how to dynamically place the button on screen. In the third and final installment, I’ll show you how to code your clips to behave like buttons. Using movie clips rather than buttons gives me the ability to code as many states as I want. My buttons will have four states: Active, Over, Down, and Selected. Download the sample to get started. Here’s what we’ll be creating:

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