My name is Glenn Gervais and I’m a Flash/Web Developer for a large toy manufacturer in Quahog, Rhode Island ;-). I live about an hour south of Boston, Massachusetts with my wife and two great kids. I’ve been working in IT for over ten years in several capacities including, but certainly not limited to, SQL/Sybase/DB2 DBA, SAP Basis Administrator (yuck!), Flash, PHP and ColdFusion Developer, and all-around slack-picker-upper.

I started this blog as a repository for all of the nonsense that rattles around in my head and eventually rolls out one of my ears to be lost forever. I don’t claim to be a guru but I do know a thing or two about web technology, especially ColdFusion and Flash, that I think would be beneficial to share.

If this isn’t enough information about me and you feel that I’m just so interesting that you have to know more, you can contact me at rabidgadfly@gmail.com .